Photo Gallery

Commercial Truck Mishap on Belmar Blvd.

 A commercial truck took out several telephone poles and wires. This occurred in front of 201 Belmar Blvd.

Street Light Taken Down By Tractor-Trailer Truck

Beautiful street lights adorn Main Street in Farmingdale.

There is a missing street light on Main Street in Farmingdale.

Why is this street light missing?

This street light is missing from being knocked-down by a tractor-trailer truck turning from Main Street onto Southard Avenue.

This street light didn’t have a chance against an 18-wheeler.

This is the same sidewalk our children use to get to and from Farmingdale Elementary School.

Telephone Pole Shows Damage from Tractor-Trailer Trucks

This telephone pole is on the corner of Main Street and Southard Avenue and shows the markings of tractor-trailer trucks hitting it because they are too big for the street. Our school children have to walk this way to and from school not to mention after school and weekends. Notice the school children on the green neon sign showing the crosswalk.

How Our Children Get to School

The green paths show the way our children walk or ride their bike to school. There is NO busing in Farmingdale so many of our children use this route to get to and from school.