What You Can Do To Help

There are actions you can take today to help keep Farmingdale safe.

  1. Always drive the speed limit when in Farmingdale. As difficult as it will be to keep the car/truck behind you off your bumper, please maintain the speed limit
  2. Talk to your friends and neighbors about following the speed limit in town
  3. Join the Citizens Action Group. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
  4. Attend Farmingdale council meetings
  5. Become involved and let your voice be heard

Keep Our Children, Seniors and All Residents Safe...24/7/365

We are concerned about student safety not only when they are walking or riding their bikes to school; but every hour of the day. Furthermore, we realize our senior population may require additional time when crossing the street. Our senior citizens deserve the respect of having vehicles maintain the speed limit while driving in Farmingdale.