Speeding and Distracted Driving

Speeding and distracted driving in Farmingdale is an issue. Just stand on Main Street and watch the cars, trucks and commercial vehicles that travel over the speed limit in our town. Speeders and distracted drivers come through Farmingdale as citizens walk their children to school; walk to local restaurants; walk and cross over Main Street; walk pets; push babies in strollers or just take a stroll. Each time in every scenario citizens and other pedestrians are putting their lives in danger. 

We, the Citizens Action Group plan on working with the New Jersey Department of Transportation Regional Manager of Community and Constituent Relations for Farmingdale Borough and the New Jersey State Police and Howell Police to raise awareness regarding speeding and distracted driving. In addition, we plan on attending every Farmingdale Borough council and school board meeting to continue to voice our concerns.

The current issue with speeding and distracted driving in Farmingdale is a cause for action.

  • Speeding causes a great danger to our children and the lives of all Farmingdale citizens
  • Children – Many families in Farmingdale have small children and their safety is the responsibility of all citizens
  • Students – Farmingdale Public is designated a walking school district due to the geographical size of the Borough
  • There is no public school busing in Farmingdale
  • In order to arrive to and from school our students need to have (a) vehicular transportation, (b)ride a bike or walk
  • Older Citizens – Older citizens require additional time when walking in town or crossing our streets
  • Disabled Citizens – Disabled citizens require handicapped access to roads and crosswalks. They too need additional time to navigate through town and cross the street
  • Frequent drivers coming through Farmingdale quickly assess that our town has no local police department
    • Therefore, this assessment assumes drivers are not concerned with radar or speed traps
  • Mobile phones – In Citizens Action Group’s initial research numerous drivers have been noted to use their mobile phones while driving in Farmingdale
    • This distracted driving practice is against the law
  • Safety Changes – This year for safety reasons, the mayor and council along with the local school board had to revamp the way students walk to school
    • Crossing guards reported many vehicular safety violations as viewed from their crossing stations
  • Speed limit issues – the speed signage posted on Squankum Yellowbrook Road (CR 524A) as drivers come into Farmingdale from Howell Township in a South/Easterly direction needs to be addressed
    • The speed limit decreases from 45mph to 25mph in 63 feet and concurrently in the other direction the speed limit increases from 25mph to 45mph in 63 feet. See photo below.
    • Speed signage on Asbury Avenue (CR 547) decreases from 45 mph to 35 mph in less than 100 ft. going from a southerly to northerly direction. The signage for opposite direction increases in the same manner

Identified Speeding Zones

Speeding Zone 1 - Main Street 

Speeding Zone 2 - Colts Neck Road (North Main Street)

Speeding Zone 2 Photos

56 Miles Per Hour!

Here is a car speeding August 19, 2020 on Colts Neck Road going more than 20mph over the posted speed limit of 35mph. 

Note: The Citizens Action Group uses a widely-recognized speed monitoring system to conduct this research.

Coming Soon...Another identified speeding zone.