Commercial Truck Traffic in Farmingdale

The current issue with commercial truck traffic in Farmingdale is a cause for action.
  • Oversized Commercial Trucks – Many of the over-sized commercial trucks with no local business in Farmingdale use Main Street (CR524) and Colts Neck Road (CR537) when these vehicles should be using Route #33 and Route #34
  • Commercial trucks cut through Farmingdale putting our children’s and citizens’ lives in danger
    • Children – Many families in Farmingdale have small children and their safety is the responsibility of all citizens
    • Students – Farmingdale Public is designated a walking school district due to the geographical size of the Borough
      • There is no public school busing in Farmingdale
      • In order to arrive to and from school our students need to have (a) vehicular transportation, (b)ride a bike or walk
    • Older Citizens – Older citizens require additional time when walking in town or crossing our streets
    • Disabled Citizens – Disabled citizens require handicapped access to roads and crosswalks. They too need additional time to navigate through town and cross the street
  • Even though it is against the law, many commercial truck drivers have been seen using their mobile phones while driving in Farmingdale. (See the penalties for a CDL driver using a mobile phone)
  • Commercial trucks often try avoiding NJSP Commercial Vehicle Inspections, (CVI). Furthermore, Farmingdale has no safe roadside area to conduct these inspections. Commercial trucks are avoiding the Wall/Collingwood Circle where Wall Police and NJ State Troopers sit to conduct CVI inspections. Many commercial trucks with safety violations use Farmingdale for this reason.
  • Commercial trucks carry more weight, are bigger and more dangerous than ever. They no longer safely fit on our streets.

Commercial Truck Route Map

As you will see from the map, today commercial truck traffic uses Farmingdale as a cut-through to get to where they are going. This is the GREEN route.

The correct route for all commercial trucks with NO local business in Farmingdale should be using truck routes #33 and #34. This is the YELLOW route.

We are proposing a Local Delivery/Business ONLY for commercial trucks. This is the RED route.

From our traffic surveys, we estimate approximately 94% of all commercial truck traffic is not destine for Farmingdale but rather somewhere else. This commercial truck traffic is meant to travel on Truck Route #33 and #34. More dangerous are certain commercial trucks pull large trailers with heavy construction equipment chained to the trailer. These commercial trucks have no business using Farmingdale as a shortcut endangering our residents.

Trucks over 4 tons should be excluded from Main Street except for local delivery.

Any truck over 4 tons should travel to their desired destination by using Business Routes #33 & #34.

Did You Know?

Commercial truck drivers are required to obtain a specific license called a commercial drivers license (CDL) so they can legally drive a commercial vehicle. One of the most enforced laws for CDL drivers is the law regarding a commercial truck driver using a cellphone. The penalties are significant for not only the driver but also the business owner.

For illustrative purposes only

During our traffic surveys the Citizens Action Group witnessed some commercial truck drivers using their cellphones. Currently, we are taking the necessary steps to record traffic coming through Farmingdale for analysis.

The Reasons Commercial Trucks Drive Through Farmingdale

There are specific reasons why commercial trucks are using Farmingdale roads to arrive at their destination.

  • Time – Using truck Routes #33 and #34 means the commercial trucks will have to wait in line with all types of traffic to circumnavigate the Collingswood Circle, therefore slowing down their journey. Simply, time is money and this mindset puts Farmingdale residents at risk.
  • Cost- Commercial trucks use diesel fuel costing ~$2.50 per gallon – so the shorter the route the less the trucks consume.
  • Safety – Farmingdale has NO local police department and most people who drive through the town know this fact.
  • Speeding – Sitting in a commercial truck you can see State and local police approaching/sitting to curb their speed. No police in sight invites distracted driving and speeding.
  • Avoid Inspections – Commercial trucks often try avoiding NJSP Commercial Vehicle Inspections (CVI). Since Farmingdale has nowhere to conduct these inspections, many commercial trucks with safety violations use Farmingdale for this reason.

Types of Commercial Trucks